This cuckoo clock, which is over a meter high, is an accurate copy of an 18th century Brienz chalet. The "super cuckoo clock" is the result of nearly 1'000 hours of work and consists solely of hand-carved wooden elements (lime wood and spruce). The roof alone contains 4'500 shingles!


Hight: 1.80m

Length: 1.95m

Width: 1.10m

Weight: 38.0kg

Production Time: 962 hours

Number of Pieces: 7'840

Number of figures: 35

Clock Mechanism: 8-day mechanical

The cuckoo-call, which sounds every half-hour, gives the cue for a roundel by traditionally dressed dancers on a stage, and an alpine procession with a symphony of cowbells. All the figures are carved by superb craftsmen in a technique which will unfortunately soon be a thing of the past. In view of such perfect traditional craftsmanship, a statement "the whole of Switzerland's culture is reflected by the cuckoo clock" appears to be thoroughly justified!