Brienz is a cozy little Alpine village located right in the heart of Switzerland, sitting at the northern shore of a breathtakingly beautiful glacial lake, also known as Lake Brienz. This peaceful, idyllic hamlet of just over 2,000 souls has developed a reputation over the centuries for its artisans in the woodworking industry. These gifted craftsmen are admired across the continent for consistently producing the highest quality woodcarving. Not surprisingly, Brienz boasts a world-renown woodcarving school.
  Brienz is also home to Loetscher’s workshop, and it is here that all of our clocks are carved by the hands of these extraordinary craftsmen.  
  The reason we can say that a Loetscher clock is truly a piece of Switzerland is because a lot of material that goes into one—the stones, the sand, the linden wood—comes from this magnificent little town nestled in the Alps, a place we lovingly call Brienz.