Cuckoo Clock Heidi
In 1881, Swiss author Johanna Spyri published a children’s story in two parts centered on the life of a young Swiss girl—an orphan—who is sent to live with her grandfather, an embittered and alienated old man, in a small town in the Alps.
Heidi’s intelligence and genuine cheerfulness moves her grandfather and eventually helps him to reconnect to life and his fellow villagers. Her unaffected charm also moved countless readers, and the Heidi stories became one of the best selling children’s fiction ever written, as well as one of the best-known works of Swiss literature, having been translated into nearly 50 languages worldwide.
Because Heidi is such a compelling character and because the landscape she traverses is so spectacular, the stories naturally lent themselves to filmic adaptation. Consequently, numerous movies, both live-action and animation, have been produced over the last several decades, and watched by audiences around the world.
Loetscher clocks are not only a piece of Switzerland because of the materials within, but they’re also genuinely Swiss because of the culture and the spirit of the people from which we take inspiration.