The linden trees in and around Brienz produce wood that is ideal for carving the intricate and beautiful designs found on Loetscher clocks because it is soft, has minimal grain and is not nearly as dense as other types of wood. Because of these highly desirable characteristics, linden wood is considered a premium type of wood and thus relatively more expensive than others.
 The wood is aged for several years before our craftsman begin to work it. The aging process ensures that our clocks won’t warp or crack in either humid or drier environments. This is a time-consuming and costly process, but it’s this commitment to quality and passion for doing things the right way that distinguishes Loetscher from the rest.
 Once the wood is properly aged, our craftsmen lovingly carve the wood into various sections of a chalet house. And then, one by one, our Brienz artisans put the chalet together by hand. Every chalet’s rooftop is carved from a single piece of wood.
 After the chalet is built, we begin the process of decorating it. We start by painstakingly search the fields and streams around Brienz, as well as the banks of beautiful Lake Brienz, for just the right rocks that would resemble boulders, and place them around the waterwheel.
 Then we collect sand from the shores of Lake Brienz, and sift through it patiently to find just the right particles for creating our finely featured geranium arrangements. Once done, we hand-paint the geraniums.
 It is this commitment to authenticity and sourcing the materials locally that makes all our cuckoo clocks truly rare masterpieces.
 Once the construction of the chalets is completed they’re sent to our facility in Kreuzlingen.
Here the chalets are fitted with clockworks, cuckoo pipes, weights and pendulums. This is a very delicate procedure that requires the expertise of a master clock maker.
At this point we have a genuine Swiss chalet cuckoo clock that is ready to be exhaustively tested. For a period of several weeks the clocks are closely monitored to make certain they operate flawlessly.
Once a clock passes this test, it is ready to be called a Loetscher.
 Finally our cuckoo clock, truly a piece of Switzerland, is ready to be shipped to your home.
 All clocks are packaged with excruciating care in our custom-designed boxes. Our proprietary packaging meets the most rigorous standards for protection against damages during shipment.