Gravity, No Battery

A basic law of science called the Conservation of Energy tells us that we can’t do anything without energy. So where do our mechanical cuckoo clocks obtain their energy from? The answer is gravity!

Weights and Gears

Each of our clocks contain an intricately designed clock work which allows gravitational energy to be stored. This is achieved with the help of heavy iron weights that constantly rise and fall. These weights are connected by chains to a set of gears, which are wheels with teeth that mesh together. The gears act as levers and allow the mechanism to work faster or slower. The mechanism here is the set of hands that move around the dial to tell the time as well as the functioning of the moving figurines and objects of the cuckoo clock.

The Escapement

The special gear device that converts the gravitational energy into “time” is called the escapement. It is also the escapement that generates the ticking sound of our clocks!


The Pendulum

A pendulum is connected to this escapement and makes the clock work more accurately. It swings from side to side due to the wonderful force of gravity as well. The Italian scientist Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) discovered that a pendulum always takes the same amount of time to make one complete swing. The only thing that affects the speed of the pendulum is its length and the strength of gravity. Unfortunately, our clocks would not work very well in space!


Potential and Kinetic Energy

When the pendulum swings to its highest level, it has maximum stored energy called potential energy. As it races down toward its lowest point, the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, the energy of movement. As the pendulum swings back and forth, it constantly switches between potential and kinetic energy.
All these mechanical parts of the clock work combined with the elaborately hand crafted wooden chalet and figurines make up Loetscher cuckoo clocks. It is our uncompromising focus on quality and nearly a century of experience that allows us to create beautiful cuckoo clocks that last for a lifetime. We are proud to hear that often our clocks are kept as family heirlooms.