For generations, wood artisans in Brienz developed a reputation for their gorgeously crafted music boxes—a chalet house with music works embedded inside. When one lifted the roof of the chalet, a wonderful tune would play. 
In 1920, Loetscher made the decision to introduce clock works and the cuckoo clock mechanism into its Swiss chalet music box. Thus was born our signature Swiss chalet style cuckoo clock that has since won hearts the world over. Part of the reason is that the quality of the music produced is as premium as the chalet house from which it emanates. All of our cuckoo clocks contain music works built by the Swiss luxury music box maker, Reuge. Located in Saint Croix near Lausanne, Reuge has been producing high-end music works since 1865. Encased in our premium linden wood cuckoo clocks—ideal for creating wonderful acoustics—the Reuge music works produces a brilliant sound.
Music Box
Below are the two melodies that play in our cuckoo clocks on the hour (Eight Day with Music model), and on the half and full hours (One Day with Music model).