Heidi’s Farm House (2017.8M)


Our newly designed cuckoo clock Heidi’s Farm House is packed with fun details! The red-roofed multi-story chalet has beautiful two small huts on both the right and the left side. These 3 story huts are resided with different farm animals such as chickens, geese and dogs. Two cheeky squirrels have sneaked into the huts, finding some delicious looking nuts inside. These cute animals rotate inside of the huts as the beautiful melody of the clock plays every hour.
Heidi is happily looking after these farm animals with her beloved St. Bernard dog Barry on the side of the chalet, while hard-working Peter is chopping wood besides her. A pile of chopped wood is neatly placed on the wall of the chalet. But he has more wood to chop on the beautifully detailed hand-made barrel in front of the chalet.
A family of fox is also visiting this fun-filled chalet, as well as a cuddly alpine marmot. Can you find all of them? It is an endlessly amusing chalet originally designed and created by Loetscher, genuine Swiss cuckoo clock maker.


商品コード: 2017.8M カテゴリー:


Size : 42 x 50 cm (16 x 20in)

Mechanical Movement : Movement runs for eight straight days before you need to wind up the chain.

Moving Elements : Animals in the double stories huts on both sides rotate on turntables when the music plays.  Dancing couples who are positioned below the cuckoo and are set into motion as the music plays.

Figurines and Ornaments : The figurines are hand-carved and hand-painted, which makes each one of them original and unique.

Night features : A manual silent switch that allows you to turn off the music and cuckoo sounds without interrupting clock movement.

Instructions: Please click here

Warranty: 3 Years International Warranty

Music : Every full hour

Shipment : The clock will be sent by courier and arrive at your destination within 5-10 days. Our proprietary packaging meets the most rigorous standards for protection against damages during shipment. Additional Custom Fees may apply for international shipping.

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