Switzerland's Best held secret and proudly made in the Swiss Alpine village of Brienz. For 100 years the Loetscher company has been hand crafting cuckoo clocks with the traditional techniques passed down by Swiss crafters from generation to generation.
Loetscher Cuckoo Clocks are a piece of Switzerland because of the outstanding quality assurance, the materials within and the stories they tell.
In 1920, the Loetscher family started building Swiss chalet cuckoo clocks guided by two simple principles: an unerring devotion to quality craftsmanship, and painstaking attention to artistic detail so that every cuckoo clock bearing the Loetscher name is a premium-quality, true one-of-a-kind work of art.  When you purchase a Loetscher Swiss cuckoo clock, you’re not just taking home a true artisanal product, you’re taking home a piece of Switzerland.
COVID-19 Important Updates: Due to the challenges caused by COVID-19, all Loetscher Clocks purchased on this site are temporarily sold by the California Clock Company and shipped from the USA.  California Clock Company has been our exclusive USA distributor for the last few years and has now stepped into the role of our global distributor as we weather these times.  California Clock Company is celebrating their 90th anniversary next year as the manufacturer of the US best selling clock.  Learn more about California Clock at their official website here.